0/4mm Red Granite Cresta

0/4mm Red Granite Cresta Supplier

0/4mm Red Granite Cresta is an unwashed specialist decorative aggregate used on outdoor playing pitches like tennis courts and running tracks.

0/4mm Red Granite Cresta is a durable product which is low maintenance. It creates a surface which keeps the correct level of friction while allowing water to pass through it. Maintenance required is occasional rolling or brushing.

0/4mm Red Granite Cresta feels light under the foot so is a choice for football pitches and running tracks. When used on tennis courts the ball slows down and bounce is increased like the clay courts of the French Open. This is because there is more grab and when the ball lands there is increased friction produced which pushes against the ball’s horizontal path. In addition, 0/4mm Red Granite Cresta is used for walkways and pathways as it offers a visually attractive alternative to other forms of gravel and stone chippings.

0/4mm Red Granite Cresta is the finest (smallest size) unwashed material in the Red Granite Product range. We also stock or can produce 20mm, 14mm, 10mm, 6mm, 2/5mm, 1/3mm and washed 0/4 Red Granite (Granitsand). These can be collected or delivered.

0/4mm Red Granite Cresta Uses:

  • Tennis courts
  • Running tracks
  • Football pitches

0/4mm Red Granite Cresta Benefits:

  • Very distinctive
  • Permeable
  • Eco friendly
  • Colourfast
  • Natural stone product
  • Very rare
  • Low maintenance
  • Unwashed

Red Granite Product Range:

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