4 Wheel Grab Lorry

4 Wheel Grab Lorry Service

A 4 wheel Grab lorry is often referred to as a Mini Grab or Baby Grab. The 4-wheel grab lorry has been a saviour in recent weeks for many constructions sites which could not physically or were not allowed full sized lorries. The 4×2 makeup of the vehicle means it has dramatically increased turning circles and reduced width, with all the functions of its 8-wheel bigger brother.

For instance, basement, mews projects have restricted access to enter and also limited space outside for loading and unloading. The 4-wheel grab lorry makes light work of this, entering and cornering at a sharp angle, while arriving with ballast and removing waste.

The 4 wheel grab wagon can carry 9 tonnes of material at any one time and is 18 tonnes when fully loaded. All are fully Cross-Rail complaint and fitted with CCTV, tracking systems, warning indications, safety rails and side scans. As a FORS Gold operator we continually monitor and improve our fleet and personal.

Our 4 wheel grab lorries are very popular with utility companies and can be spotted on water, gas and electrical works. We provide service through the day and night and charge per shift. A day shift is 10 hours and a night 8 hours. For domestic and commercial projects we charge per load and provide service on the same or next day. The first load of the day is 6:30am, but it is advised you check both your traffic management plan and local authority permitted working hours.

4 Wheel Grab Lorry Features

  • Able to access sites full-size grab lorries cannot
  • Fully Cross-Rail compliant
  • FORS Gold accredited
  • Same or next day service
  • Removal of waste
  • Supply of materials
  • Charged per day or per load
  • Night and emergency work available
  • Service for utility, commercial and domestic clients
  • Fully trained and licenced operators

4 Wheel Grab Lorry Service