What is Ballast?

It is a mixture of gravel and sand, which is used for a variety of purposes in the construction industry, such as making concrete. Ballast is mostly used in heavy-duty work and is known to be the most coarse aggregate.

Main Uses:

  • Concrete mixes
  • Foundations
  • Filling voids in hardcore
  • Footings
  • Sub-Base
  • Pathways

It comes in two sizes: 10mm and 20mm

10mm is suitable for garden paths, fence posts and when it is mixed with cement it can be used for retaining walls or shallow footings.

20mm is generally used for mixing concrete for foundations and footings, forming a concrete slabs as a base for conservatories, sheds, garages and extensions. 20mm Ballast is not suitable for drainage due to its high fines content, however, it can be conveniently stored outside without wastage.

Due to the way in which ballast is created, it can sometimes be very wet, making it heavy to work with. Our ballast is left to dry after washing. Of course being a material that can be left outside the weather can play a part in this, but after the initial dry out period when created, the material is often easier to work with.

Ballast is typically delivered via 8×4 or 4×2 Grab Hire or Tipper Hire. Between 5 – 15 tonnes can be delivered via a Grab lorry and 20 tonnes via Tipper.

Ordinarily, we can provide Ballast on a next day basis. We charge per tonne and operate 7 days per week. Night deliveries are also available for utility companies and local authorities. We take great pride in our fleet of lorries and all are maintained and cleaned regularly. Our state of the art tracking system means we can monitor, adapt and communicate with our staff regularly, ensuring we can remain efficient and responsive.

Ashville Aggregates is proud to be the leading Ballast Supplier in London.

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