Grab Wagon Hire

Grab Truck Hire

Grab Wagon Hire is another name for a Grab Truck. Ashville Aggregates supply grab wagon hire to London and surrounding areas. We offer 8-wheel and 4-wheel solutions. 8-Wheel grab wagons are the most commonly associated with Grab Hire and can remove and supply material 15 tonnes at a time. 4-Wheel grab wagons offer versatility and can provide service to sites with restricted access, removing and supply 9 tonnes of material on each visit.

Our entire fleet is Cross-Rail compliant and is fitted with the latest safety and efficiency equipment. CCTV, tracking, safety rails, warning signals and continually improving earned Ashville Aggregates the FORS Gold standard.

We provide service to both domestic and commercial clients. We operate 7 days per week, 24 hours per day. In most instances, we provide service on the same day or the next. Our understanding of the construction industry means we appreciate the importance of reliable and prompt service.

Grab Wagon Hire FAQ

Q: How big is a grab lorry?
A: Roughly 3 meters wide, 3.6 meters high and 8 meters long
Q: How far can a grab lorry crane reach?
A: Roughly 8 meters at full extension
Q: Can a grab lorry take waste and deliver material at the same time?
A: Yes
Q: Can a grab lorry grab over a wall or fence?
A: Yes, if the lorry can pull up in a position where the load can be seen
Q: How muck can a grab lorry carry?
A: 8-Wheelers can carry 15 tonnes of material and 4-Wheelers 9 tonnes
Q: Whats the earliest I can have waste taken away?
A: At any time as we operate 24 hours per day for emergency works. Ordinarily, residential projects will be governed by local authority restrictions, which will normally be 8 am
Q: How long does it take?
A: Depending on the material a grab lorry will load between 12 – 35 mins
Q: How do grab lorries work?
A: Grab lorries have large rear containers with hydraulic tipping equipment. Behind the cabin is a hydraulic extendable arm with an opening and closing bucket. The operator uses the arm to move material to and from the body (rear container).