Landscape Bark

What is Landscape Bark?

Landscape Bark is a blend of ornamental bark and wood chip and provides an economical alternative. It is a natural product and will enhance the appearance of your garden. Landscaping Bark can also be used as a mulch to inhibit weed development, improve moisture retention and act as insulation for plant roots, reducing plant loss in cold weather. Landscape Bark or Garden Landscaping Mulch is also called Wood Bark Chips, Garden Wood Chips, Hardwood Mulch but effectively it is the same product.

This bark is ideal for landscaping and gardens, containing quality natural pine ornamental bark pieces, sourced from sustainable forests, and a 10–40mm graded woodchip.

Landscape Bark Features:

Landscaping Bark has both aesthetic and functional properties:

  • It is aesthetically pleasing.
  • It is perfect for tidying garden borders, flower beds and paths.
  • Suppresses weed growth hence reduces garden maintenance time.
  • Preserves soil moisture during hot weather.
  • Battles soil erosion during heavy rain.
  • Helps insulate plant root area during cold and frosty periods.

How to use Bark Chippings?

Bark chippings are quick and easy to lay by simply raking out over the required area. The area should first be weeded before raking out the garden bark to a minimum depth of 60 – 90 mm. If the area is particularly prone to weed growth, you can lay down a fabric membrane on the bottom of the worked area and then apply bark to a depth of 50 mm.

When to use Landscaping Bark?

The chipped bark can be applied throughout the year and should serve your garden for several seasons. After that, it is advisable to top up fresh bark on the surface to maintain its striking appearance.

Ashville Aggregates supplies high-quality Landscape Bark in wholesale trade quantities to building and construction industry. We can deliver the composed bark on 8×4 grab hire, 20-tonne tipper hire or a smaller 4×2 9-tonne mini grabIf you require waste removal services we can provide these simultaneously.

For a quote or any further questions regarding the product, please call us on 020 7736 0355.

Landscape Bark Bulk London
Landscape Bark Bulk London
Landscape Bark Bulk