Maldives Landfill Issue – Waste Management

Waste Management In The Maldives The Maldives is famous for its clear blue sea, breath-taking beaches, and luxurious accommodation. However, Alison Teal, an award-winning filmmaker, visited the island of Thilafushi and has opened our eyes to a shocking issue affecting the Maldives that until now many of us were unaware of. An extraordinary amount of […]

Recycling Coffee Beans – Recycling Aggregates

An incredible 80 million cups of coffee are drunk everyday within the UK!!! Only 1{99759cf80298e985eca490a4754848b7bbc355cd41c4addccc9bf36ca3b9608d} of coffee beans actually end up in our coffees, so what happens to the remaining 99{99759cf80298e985eca490a4754848b7bbc355cd41c4addccc9bf36ca3b9608d}………. well it gets buried in landfills sites and left to decompose. However, this is about to change, as a UK urban mushroom farm based […]

5 Billion Plastic Bottles – Wait and Load rubbish removal

Around 5 billion plastic bottles were sent to landfill sites last year, many of which were collected by wait and load rubbish removal in London. These statistics come from a survey carried out by Pledge4Plastics. This fact is undoubtedly worrying with Britain only recycled 43.9 percent of waste, which is a fall compared to last […]

WW2 Bomb – Grab Hire Company

Grab Hire Company Bomb squads closed a street near Clapham Common on Friday (26th September 2014) afternoon and local residents were required to leave their homes as the street was put on high alert after a landscape gardener discovered an unexploded bomb, which dated back to the Second World War. At around 3pm a Landscaping […]

40ft High Rubbish Mountain, Tackled By Waste Management Company!!

Teams using Grab Hire Lorries have recently started the long process of removing the astonishing 2500 tonnes of waste. The 40ft high towering mountain of waste, which is infested with rats and smells like ‘rotting corpses’, has been acclimating for 3years. The nearby residents have had enough and demanded action. The 2500 tonne waste mountain […]