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Recycling Company

Every country produces waste and within the EU 150 million tones are put into landfills every year. However, Sweden are different and what their do with their waste may seem unusual to some.

Sweden produces 460 kilos per person per year, resulting in 4.4 millions of tones of waste. Less than 1% ends up in landfill sites!!!!! The remaining 99% is 50/50 recycled and energy recovery

Recycling is a way of life in Sweden. They convert much of their waste into energy using their 32 incineration plants. For this reason they are considered the world leaders in the field of recycling waste into energy.

In Helsingborg (which is in the south of Sweden) about 40% of homes get their district heating from recycled waste incinerated from the new Forborna plant.   The waste that is used comes from household/industrial waste, scrape metal, food and glass, which need to be sorted prior to incineration. 3 tones of waste contains as much energy as 1 tone of fuel oil!!!!!!!.


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Recycling Company

Sweden incinerates 2.2 million tones of household waste in the plants every year. However, despite the millions of tones of waste produced by the Swedes the plants have not reached capacity which has lead to importing up to 800,000 tones of waste from other European countries such as Norway, Ireland, UK and Italy.

700 kilos of waste corresponds to 250 killios of fuel oil in energy terms. 20% of fuel that is used at the Felbornd plant is imported waste predominantly from the UK. With the UK government increasing tax’s on landfills every year and mounting pressure to find solutions, Sweden’s innovative recycling solutions are win for both the UK and themselves.

All incineration of waste is carried out under strict legislation and guidelines. Sweden manages to carry out incineration at under half the permitted emission levels.

Recycling Company