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Rock Salt Supplier

Ashville Aggregates are a Rock Salt supplier offering Rock and Grit Salt ideally suited for harsh and cold weather conditions. Rock salt, also referred to as grit salt, is a rough aggregate that is perfect for clearing snow and preventing ice formation following cold weather conditions.

This de icing salt helps keep pavements, roads, car parks, highways and other crucial surfaces clear and safe to prevent delays and disruption during cold weather periods. Rock salt is also ideally suited for smaller domestic areas or construction sites. Areas can be kept clear and safe with the simple application of a small amount of our rock salt product.

Our rock salt can be placed in a salt spreader and spread over large areas or manually put down using a spade and old-fashioned manpower. It is important to remember that our material is not suitable for water softeners and dishwashers! Our product conforms to BS 3247 1991 standards.

Generally Rock Salt is required in emergencies or urgent circumstances. We offer our clients the option to collect individual bags of Rock Salt or alternatively we can deliver the material loose, in bulk quantities between 9 tonnes and 20 tonnes. Our Rock Salt Supplier service is charged for per bag or per tonne and operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are available to make night deliveries to local authorities.

We are proud of our fleet and ensure all our lorries are cleaned and maintained stringently. Every vehicle is installed with the latest in safety and technology and we are a FORS Gold operator.

Ashville also provide a number of other aggregates, find out more by clicking here. If you would like to find out more about the services we provide, feel free to contact one of our dedicated staff members by calling 07449 801 187.

Rock Salt Supplier London
Rock Salt Supplier
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