Sharp Sand

Sharp Sands Supplier:

Sharp Sand (SS), also referred to as concreting sand, washed grit, or masonry sand is a rough, but fantastically strong material, ideal for use in a variety of trades and for a wide range of applications. From simple landscape projects to much larger construction projects and wide agricultural uses.

Sharp Sand is a general purpose sand that is used mainly for external fine concrete work, rendering, lawn top dressing and internal floor screeds.

It is normally used where more strength and less flexibility is required.

It is a naturally made granular material consisting of finely divided rock and mineral particles. These particles are generally quartz, although there are other minerals present such as clays and irons that are mixed in. The size can range anything from 0.06mm to 2.0mm. SS has a constant colour (from silver to brown) and quantity and is suitable for outside storage. Due to the angular nature of sharp sand, it ensures that good drainage.

Sharp Sands main uses are:

  • Screeding
  • External rendering
  • Block paving
  • Slab laying

It can also be used to create a lawn base under topsoil, as the water-permeable sharp sand improves the growing conditions of your lawn.

1 tonne can cover approximately 8-10m2 with 50mm depth.

Sharp Sand is typically delivered via 8×4 or 4×2 Grab Hire or Tipper Hire. Between 5 – 15 tonnes can be delivered via a Grab lorry and 20 tonnes via Tipper.

Ordinarily we can provide Sharp Sand on a next day basis. We charge per tonne and operate 7 days per week. Night deliveries are also available for utility companies and local authorities. We take great pride in our fleet of lorries and all are maintained and cleaned regularly. Our state of the art tracking systems mean we can monitor, adapt and communicate with our staff regularly, ensuring we can remain efficient and responsive.

Ashville Aggregates is proud to be the leading Sharp Sand Supplier in London.

Sharp Sand Supplier