Ashville now provides 12 Yard Skip Hire London!

12 Yard Skip Hire London12 Yard Skip Hire London

12 Yard Skip Hire London

12 Yard Skip Hire London & 8 Yard Skip Hire London and surrounding M25 areas. Grab Hire, Tipper Hire, Skip Hire & Aggregates. Supply of sand, hardcore, ballast, shingle & Type1 MOT

12 Yard Skip Hire London

12 Yard Skip Hire London & 8 Yard Skip Hire London and surrounding M25 areas. Grab Hire, Tipper Hire, Skip Hire & Aggregates. Supply of sand, hardcore, ballast, shingle & Type1 MOT

Ashville Aggregates are delighted to announce that we now stock 12 yard Skip Hire London! Previously, we have only stocked our increasingly popular 8-yard skips which have provided a highly efficient and trusted service for our clients in London and the surrounding areas.

In order to show our continued commitment to continually improving and listening to the wishes of our clients, we have decided to invest in new 12 yard skips aimed at being able to handle jobs of all sizes. Simply put, 12 yard skip hire london means you can remove more waste more quickly.

This size of skip can be used perfect for residential conversions, refurbishments and fitout projects. It can be used for all light waste types and can hold approximately 100 black bin bags, 24 wheelie bins or 6 sofas.

12 Yard Skip Hire London Dimensions

12 yd3 / 9m35’6″ / 1.68m12’2″ / 3.7m5’10” / 1.78m 
12 Yard Skip Hire London - Ashville Aggregates

12 Yard Skip Hire London – Ashville Aggregates


If you would like to find out more about the new skips or to make an enquiry, please contact our dedicated team today by calling 02077360355.

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Fire in 119 year old coal mine – Grab Hire Wagon

Grab Hire Wagon

A fire has broken out in a 119-year-old coal mine and is expected to continue to burn for many years to come.

Members of the public called 999 during the weekend after noticing smoke pouring out of the park grounds near the River Tyne in Newcastle.

The land was formally part of a colliery which was part of the Clara Vale Colliery that opened in 1896 and closed 70 years later in 1966.

Grab Hire Wagon

Grab Hire Wagon










There have been no signs of the fire going out since being it was first detected. One burning mountain in Australia which was a seam, is thought to have been on fire for over 5,000 years after being set alight by lighting.

Excavations will need to take place for experts to gain an understanding of how long the fire will be alight. The footpath and surrounding area have been closed to the public as a precaution amid fears of land caving in and falling trees.

Grab Hire Wagon

Grab Hire Wagon










As part of the excavation, grab hire will be used to remove the majority of the muck. It is thought the ground in the area consists of mostly clay. However, should ballast be found, grab hire will be used to transport and recycle the aggregate.

Underground fires can be ignited by natural causes like a lighting strike or a wildfire. Once started, they are very difficult to stop. Fires require fuel, oxygen and heat to burn, which means mines are ideal for them to keep alight for years.

Grab Hire Wagon

Grab Hire London










If you would like to order one of our Grab Hire Wagon services, you can do so by contacting our helpful office team on 020 7736 0355 or by emailing us today on You can also enter your details online by clicking here.

Waste Management Company Creating Eco Homes

Waste Management Company Creating Eco Homes

A Shanghai construction company is the first to succeed in building 10 eco-friendly houses within 24hours.

Using an enormous 3D printer, each house created measured 200 square meters. Instead of using bricks and mortar the eco houses are entirely made from recycled construction, industrial waste and glass fiber mixed with cement. Each home cost less the £3000 to print.


Waste Management Company

Waste Management Company

The 3D printer measures 10 meters wide by 150 meters long and produces a high-grade cement and glass fiber material, which is layer with the use of CAD plans. The printer took over 12 years to develop and costs £1.9m.

WinSun CEO Ma the inventor of the printer uses AutoCAD Architecture to not only plan the building but also to calculate tracing paths that take into account the electrical, plumbing, installation materials and windows which will be added after the structure is built.

Grab Hire London

Waste Management Company

Ma stated “Industrial waste from demolished buildings are damaging our environment. With 3D-printing, we are able to recycle construction waste and turn it into new building materials”.

Waste Management Company

Waste Management Company

This new construction technology is one further step towards a sustainable future. It is also believed that construction costs could be dramatically reduced.


In the Uk we are behind the advances in Eco Homes internationally, but we are making headway. At the moment we focus on efficiency and insulation to save on energy costs. This is led by building regulations which are constantly increasing the standard of construction in the homes we newly create. It is believed that soon legislation will play a part, as the government are conscious of our impact on the environment. With the population increasing and a need for new homes, Eco Homes may well be the perfect solution.

Grab Hire London

Waste Management Company

Waste Management Company

Recycling is a way of life in Sweden – Recycling Company

Recycling Company

Every country produces waste and within the EU 150 million tones are put into landfills every year. However, Sweden are different and what their do with their waste may seem unusual to some.

Sweden produces 460 kilos per person per year, resulting in 4.4 millions of tones of waste. Less than 1% ends up in landfill sites!!!!! The remaining 99% is 50/50 recycled and energy recovery

Recycling is a way of life in Sweden. They convert much of their waste into energy using their 32 incineration plants. For this reason they are considered the world leaders in the field of recycling waste into energy.

In Helsingborg (which is in the south of Sweden) about 40% of homes get their district heating from recycled waste incinerated from the new Forborna plant.   The waste that is used comes from household/industrial waste, scrape metal, food and glass, which need to be sorted prior to incineration. 3 tones of waste contains as much energy as 1 tone of fuel oil!!!!!!!.


Grab Hire London

Recycling Company

Sweden incinerates 2.2 million tones of household waste in the plants every year. However, despite the millions of tones of waste produced by the Swedes the plants have not reached capacity which has lead to importing up to 800,000 tones of waste from other European countries such as Norway, Ireland, UK and Italy.

700 kilos of waste corresponds to 250 killios of fuel oil in energy terms. 20% of fuel that is used at the Felbornd plant is imported waste predominantly from the UK. With the UK government increasing tax’s on landfills every year and mounting pressure to find solutions, Sweden’s innovative recycling solutions are win for both the UK and themselves.

All incineration of waste is carried out under strict legislation and guidelines. Sweden manages to carry out incineration at under half the permitted emission levels.

Recycling Company

Wait and Load Rubbish Removal – £1billion pounds of unused/unwanted electronic equipment

UK homeowners have been estimated to be hoarding up to £1billion pounds of unused/unwanted electronic equipment in their homes, which still holds a significant value. The UK market for trading pre-owed equipment is projected to be worth up to £3 billion pounds.

The government has backed plans to improve how electronic waste is disposed, by supporting 51 companies such as Samsung, Dell, B&Q and Argos etc.… Consumers will now be advised to trade in their unwanted electrical goods to retailers in exchange for money or vouchers as a part of a national initiative that has recently been revealed.

Wait and Load Rubbish Removal

Wait and Load Rubbish Removal

According to the government waste advisory body (Wrap), encouraging trade-ins of used TV’s alone could increase the GDP by over £750 million pounds a year by 2020, representing up to 66% of TV sales within the UK.

Further research undertaken by the government waste advisory body, Wrap, has revealed that two-thirds of customers would trade their unwanted electrical items, while 55% said they would purchase used quality goods from a reputable retailer.

Wait and Load Rubbish Removal 

Rise in Aggregates Sales!

The aggregate industry was hit hard by the recession. However, over the last few years it has made a stead recovery and shown growth. In the third quarter of 2014 aggregate materials have seen its strongest rise yet indicating a growth in the construction industry.

Sales reported that in quarter three of 2014 crushed rock sales improved by 14%, compared with 2013. Sand & Gravel went up by 8%, tarmac by 6%, and ready-mixed concrete by 5%.

Although there have been strong improvements in aggregates sales across the entire UK, it is evident that the general construction growth is still being driven by the Southeast of England and London.

Despite the growth in various aggregate sales, volumes of concrete throughout the UK as a whole have remained 30% below the pre-recession levels. However, London is showing higher levels than in 2007 with a rise of 30%.

2013 Q12013 Q22013 Q32013 Q42013 Year2014 Q12014 Q22014 Q3
Crushed Rock-3%15%7%10%7%18%9%14%
Sand & Gravel-10%11%12%18%8%15%4%8%
Ready mixed  concrete-2%23%12%12%11%4%-3%5%


Grab Hire London |  Rise in Aggregates Sales

Grab Hire London | Rise in Aggregates Sales

Maldives Landfill Issue – Waste Management

Waste Management In The Maldives

The Maldives is famous for its clear blue sea, breath-taking beaches, and luxurious accommodation. However, Alison Teal, an award-winning filmmaker, visited the island of Thilafushi and has opened our eyes to a shocking issue affecting the Maldives that until now many of us were unaware of.

An extraordinary amount of rubbish is being washed up on the islands. Alison and her photography team took these shocking images to document the waste problem.

Maldives Landfill Issue – Grab Hire

Maldives Landfill Issue – Waste Management

More than 400 tons of plastic bottles and waste are dumped on the Maldives Islands every day. The tourist industry is allegedly largely to blame. On average each tourist will generate around 3.5kg of waste a day.

Shocked and overwhelmed by the amount of plastic bottles and rubbish that covers the island, locals collect the rubbish in an effort to save the threatened environment. They also transform them, making plastic fashion such as bikinis and skirts.

Maldives Landfill Issue | Waste Management

Maldives Landfill Issue | Waste Management

To leave the island Alison and her team made a raft from the bottles which were washed up.

The beautiful 1200 islands within the Maldives could soon to be ruined by the amount of rubbish and waste that is being created and swept up. Stunning beaches will turn to landfill sites if waste management is not acted upon soon.

Maldives Landfill Issue – Grab Hire

Maldives Landfill Issue – Waste Management

In the UK we use the likes of Grab Hire, Tipper Hire, Skip Hire and Wait and Load Rubbish Removal to combat and manage waste. Although these may not be best suited to the Maldives, perhaps adopting methods such as these would be great to work towards a sustainable future. Recycling is of utmost importance if we are limit our impact on the earth.

Recycling Coffee Beans – Recycling Aggregates

An incredible 80 million cups of coffee are drunk everyday within the UK!!! Only 1% of coffee beans actually end up in our coffees, so what happens to the remaining 99%………. well it gets buried in landfills sites and left to decompose.

However, this is about to change, as a UK urban mushroom farm based in Devon have launched the growth of ‘Oyster mushrooms’ which amazingly use recycled coffee grounds.

Recycling Coffee Beans - Recycling Aggregates

Recycling Coffee Beans – Recycling Aggregates

Coffee grounds are full of nutrients and instead of being thrown away, can be recycled to grow protein rich ‘Oyster Mushrooms’.

The Urban mushroom farm uses coffee grounds from local coffee shops to produce the mushrooms which showcase how food can be sustainable!

We at Ashville Aggregates believe this is fantastic news and another step in the right direction towards sustainable future.

Recycling Aggregates

5 Billion Plastic Bottles – Wait and Load rubbish removal

Around 5 billion plastic bottles were sent to landfill sites last year, many of which were collected by wait and load rubbish removal in London. These statistics come from a survey carried out by Pledge4Plastics. This fact is undoubtedly worrying with Britain only recycled 43.9 percent of waste, which is a fall compared to last years 44.1 percent. Currently the UK are behind Germany who are the global leader at 65 percent.

According to Pledge4Plastics, each UK home on average uses 440 plastic bottles a year, with statistics showing only 250 bottles are being recycled.   One in five people admit to disposing of plastic in the correct bins.

5 Billion Plastic Bottles - Wait & Load Rubbish Removal London

5 Billion Plastic Bottles – Wait & Load Rubbish Removal London

Regardless off the countless Whitehall Campaigns, Britons are not doing enough. Nearly 33 percent of people thought they recycled as much as they can but one in ten children admin to not even care.

Wait and load rubbish removal services try to lead by example, recycling up to 90 percent of plastics and other general building waste.

Wait & Load Rubbish Removal London

WW2 Bomb – Grab Hire Company

Grab Hire Company

Bomb squads closed a street near Clapham Common on Friday (26th September 2014) afternoon and local residents were required to leave their homes as the street was put on high alert after a landscape gardener discovered an unexploded bomb, which dated back to the Second World War.

At around 3pm a Landscaping Contractor and a Grab Hire company discovered the Second World War bomb while carrying out aggregate supply works. Local residents and shopkeepers were shocked by the news while waiting for the specialist bomb disposal unit to make the device safe.

Grab Hire Company

Grab Hire Company

The homeowner had a interest in war films and took the device to a friend a few streets along, who confirmed it was in fact a bomb. It then dawned on the Homeowner and Grab Hire London Company that the bomb could  have gone off.

Lucky, the emergency services attended and there were no casualties.