Tipper Hire

Tipper Hire

Tipper Hire is an efficient way to remove and supply materials. Tipper Hire is perfect for sites which have diggers (from 8 tonnes and up) or shovel machines which are capable of loading. At Ashville Aggregates we offer 8×4 32 tonne tippers, capable of carrying 20 tonnes of waste or material or 44 tonne articulated tippers carrying 29 tonnes.

On large construction sites, we offer a muck away service which can remove hundreds of tonnes of waste material per day. While doing this, we can supply materials such as Type 1, ballast, building sand, sharp sand, p-shingle and topsoil.

On domestic projects, we can supply material at a fraction of the cost builders merchants do. Muck away is the same principle as any larger project as long as the loading facilities are present.

We serve London and all surrounding areas. Often we can provide service on the same day and if not the next day. We charge per load but can offer day rates for construction companies with their own tipping facilities.

We provide service 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our first slot of the day is 6:30 am and the final at 4:30 pm unless the lorry is booked on day or night work. In the case of day work the grab lorry and driver are provided for 10 hours. Night work provides the lorry and driver for 8 hours.

While tippers do not have a crane like a grab lorry, they enable a larger amount of material to be removed in a quicker timeframe. On average Tipper Hire removes 5 tonnes more than Grab Hire per load.

Tipper Hire London

Tipper Hire Offers:

  • Removal of material
  • Supply and primary and secondary aggregate
  • Quick and efficient way to remove large quantities of material
  • Per load or per day rates
  • Full Cross-rail specification on all lorries
  • FORS Gold operator

All our grab and tipper lorries are up to a full Cross-Rail specification, which includes:

  • Front mirror
  • Full recording CCTV
  • Side scan
  • Reverse camera
  • Reverse warning
  • Turning left warning
  • Cyclist safety protection rails
  • Location tracker