Recycling Coffee Beans – Recycling Aggregates

An incredible 80 million cups of coffee are drunk everyday within the UK!!! Only 1% of coffee beans actually end up in our coffees, so what happens to the remaining 99%………. well it gets buried in landfills sites and left to decompose.

However, this is about to change, as a UK urban mushroom farm based in Devon have launched the growth of ‘Oyster mushrooms’ which amazingly use recycled coffee grounds.

Recycling Coffee Beans - Recycling Aggregates

Recycling Coffee Beans – Recycling Aggregates

Coffee grounds are full of nutrients and instead of being thrown away, can be recycled to grow protein rich ‘Oyster Mushrooms’.

The Urban mushroom farm uses coffee grounds from local coffee shops to produce the mushrooms which showcase how food can be sustainable!

We at Ashville Aggregates believe this is fantastic news and another step in the right direction towards sustainable future.

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