Topsoil Supplier

Ashville Aggregates is proud to be the leading Topsoil Supplier in London and can offer different Topsoil types for your project. Topsoil is the top layer of soil, which is high in nutrients and organic matter.

Topsoil is broadly used in gardening and is very efficient in helping improve the quality of soil on a particular area of land. It can also be used to equal out uneven ground or lawns, making new beds, raised beds or as a base for lawns, where the natural soil is poor quality or non-existent. In paved gardens where there is no contact to soil, topsoil can be used in raised beds for growing many plants, including vegetables. As formed through natural processes, topsoil varies in composition. Garden enthusiasts often add additional items, such as manure, to make top soil more fertile, productive and suitable for precise needs.

Often, the darker the topsoil is, the richer it is in nutrients. Rich, nutritive topsoil is able to hold onto more water and it is packed with minerals from rock, sand, and organic matter. Greater nutrients and water availability mean topsoil is a catalyst for plant growth.

Many gardens have poor soil, such as those often found in new-build homes, where the natural topsoil has been stripped away as the consequence of the build process. If the soil is deprived then topping it with a layer of topsoil should allow your plants to grow well and thrive.

Topsoil Types:

  • Multi-Purpose – British Standard High in Compost
  • Screened Economy

Multi-Purpose Topsoil is a locally sourced natural topsoil that is screened to 10mm. It is peat free and has some of the finest properties for growing plants. Using the latest technology to grade soil, it’s passed through screens to remove large stones.

Screened Economy Topsoil is great for establishing and developing turf; levelling and back-filling gardens and all general uses where a higher grade of soil is not necessary. Use it for its good drainage, its ease of working and its all-round affordability.

Topsoil is typically delivered via 8×4 or 4×2 Grab Hire or Tipper Hire. Between 5 – 15 tonnes can be delivered via a Grab lorry and 20 tonnes via Tipper.

Ordinarily we can provide Topsoil on a next day basis. We charge per tonne and operate 7 days per week. Night deliveries are also available for utility companies and local authorities. We take great pride in our fleet of lorries and all are maintained and cleaned regularly. Our state of the art tracking systems mean we can monitor, adapt and communicate with our staff regularly, ensuring we can remain efficient and responsive.

Topsoil Supplier