Road Sweeper Hire

Road Sweeper Hire London

Road Sweeper Hire London

Hire a Road Sweeper to maintain a clean and tidy yard or site.

Our road sweeper service makes outdoor cleaning quick and easy, keeping your property looking its best and reducing the risk of slips, trips and other accidents. Compact yet powerful, our road sweeping machine offers great manoeuvrability and comfort. In addition, our machinery can be used to keep drains and gullies clear, preventing build-up and blockages.

Not only is it essential in terms of health and safety but in creating a good impression to visitors and clients too.

Whether you manage a highway, construction site, industrial unit or retail location our road sweeper fleet are ideal to visit regularly and provide a full sweep service. Regular visits can reduce build-up of dirt or debris on sites. Using a Road sweeper can get the job done quicker and more thoroughly than a manual sweep. During the summer we can even spray water to suppress dust on sites to prevent it becoming airborne and causing nuisance and health issues such as respiratory problems and eye irritation!

Our road sweepers are ideal for cleaning construction sites, runways, car parks, private roads, footpaths, forecourts, gullies, landfill sites, factories and depots. Contact us today to book our quick and efficient road sweeping service.

We can collect and dispose of high volumes of waste and spillages such as:

  • water
  • dirt (suspended solids)
  • mud
  • foliage

  • stones
  • litter
  • hydrocarbons (petrol, oil and diesel)
  • road salt